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All-in-one Voice Changer

All-in-one Voice Changer is an interesting audio application which can play prank calls online on your friends
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14 October 2013

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Around the Halloween season, lot of us like to pull pranks on our friends. Now have you ever thought of calling them up in a different voice and leaving them totally perplexed? Imagine calling your friend in a tone mimicking a cat and giving them Goosebumps right when you are talking with them via yahoo messenger or Skype. Well you can do just that with the help of All-in-one Voice Changer 1.5. Besides its entertainment quotient, the application can used by professional record artists and play casts to stimulate different voices and sound effects as needed. Further it can also be used to record greeting messages to be uploaded on e-cards.

When you launch the All-in-one Voice Changer 1.5 you are greeted by a compact yet neat interface which has a number of icons representing different voice types. The representations are presented on scale that slides as per the varying pitch. To start with you can click on the test button and record a message. Next you can use the play button after selecting the preferred voice pitch. Once your pitch is determined you can synch the application with your instant messenger and start communicating in a fresh new voice. Interestingly the application also allows you to import a recorded voice clipping and play it in a different manner. Again you can also export the modulated output audio file with ease. The applications works smoothly with all major IM including Skype and Yahoo messenger. While the application does have a free trial version, it is severely limited as only the cat’s voice is enabled. It publishers should look at removing such restrictions so that people can test the product more freely.

The All-in-one Voice Changer 1.5 does a great job in modulating sound pitches and changing your voice. Its stellar performance earns it an appreciable score of 4 stars on a range of five.

Publisher's description

All-in-one Voice Changer is an interesting audio application which can play prank calls online on your friends. When you are speaking with your friends through IM tools such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger or QQ International, it can change your voice pitch in a funny way during the call. You can also use it as a dubbing tool to dub funny videos in your way.
All-in-one Voice Changer is based on Skype Voice Changer of AthTek Software, thus they have the same interface. When you start All-in-one Voice Changer, it may ask you to confirm the connections to IM tools. You can test the voice pitch to find your favorite voice pattern, and use it in the call. You can also import an audio file and change the voice pitch in it. The audio file could be in *.wav, *.wma, *.ogg, *.flac or *.mp3 file format. With a microphone, you will be able to change and record your voice in a *.wma file.
If you are looking for an application which can play prank calls on your friends, All-in-one Voice Changer will be the best choice for you. If you just want to have a free voice changer, you can find another one in our official website.
All-in-one Voice Changer
All-in-one Voice Changer
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